Thursday, March 1, 2012


Wow! I am the mother to a six year old boy!
It was weird enough when Julia turned 6. You know- school age. 
But now having a boy here is even weirder. 
I guess because I didn't grow up with brothers.
Although all of my friends were boys until I was like 9.

This is him as a "pilot"

A real ice crown from a bowl of frozen water.

He and his best bud and cousin. All the hubs could say when he say this pic was 
"Those two are going to get in so much trouble." 
Let's pray for a good cause!

This is his new obsession- chess. 
He is now the proud owner of a real wooden full size set from his G.Ma.

This picture truly represents him.
He is a delightfully sweet, happy, desirous to please and help little.. uh hem... BIG boy!

He is our joy and a true blessing! Our prayer for Him is that God would be pleased to use us to equip him for the advancement of His kingdom.

Happy Birthday, our sweet boy, Elliott!

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